Choose colours lemon yellow, madder lake, ultramarine blue with a little paynes grey

beware the neutral tint will give a very strong dark colour

 mountainscene1    mountainscene2    mountainscene3

Wet paper with clean water paint in the sky area use ultramarine blue. Start with the peak of the mountain as your sky should be darkest next to the white snow area. Don't forget your paint will dry lighter.

  Dry, Using the same blue as the sky add in a little paynes grey and a tiny bit of lemon yellow paint the shadow side of the peak. Add a little burnt sienna and paint the peaks on the right side. Continue with the forest areas - try to vary the colours - DRY . In the middle of the composition wet the paper with clean water and add pale grey and green tints




 DRY paint in the foreground with lemon yellow and ultramarine adding small areas of burnt sienna

 mountainscene4    mountainscene5fin    
Add dark forest areas with ultramarine and a very little lemon yellow (this should have very little water). Add very pale grey to the white snow areas to give a 3D look   Add darks to make trunks and scrap out trunks with a sharp knife on the right side