Jan 18

I really enjoyed the lesson. It's always interesting to learn new techniques. I find water colour is a challenge but the results can be great when you master it or if you're lucky. Playing with new ideas is always good and remembering to keep the light/white zones and the shapes/ pattern they make is something that really spoke to me. Negative space can be so important in the final result

I really like to thank you for the nice aquarelle workshop we had last Friday! I really enjoyed it and think all the others did as well! We tried to make an abstract out of a landscape with only three colours in aquarelle. We had nice results.

July/Aug 17

Thank you so much for the wonderful course on friday. I thoroughly enjoyed everything you offered us. It was lovely to be in the forest and to benefit from all your instruction and materials back in your beautiful atelier. I learnt a great deal and appreciated everything you provided - a real treat.

Many thanks for a very enjoyable day's drawing and painting, not to mention  delicious lunch on your beautiful terrace. I really learnt a lot from all your hands on demonstrations. Hope I remember some of it, but luckily you have such full notes in your blog.

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the course, and very informative. Nice photo!

Thank you so much for a most interesting and informative workshop yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a lot and had a delicious lunch into the bargain!  Thanks too for the photo.

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I would be very please to do a private or semi-private day with you

Thank you so much for Saturday, it was very enjoyable! I'd certainly like to try some more Acrylics if you set up some classes in the spring.

Thank you for a very enjoyable and instructive workshop and some great photos.

Thank you for such a brilliant day last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope an opportunity arises when I can join you again. I've learned a great deal, you are an excellent teacher.

For me, trying to do 3 sketches in the time given was too many. I am a slow worker so it would have been better to have done only two so that I could have done more detail.

Thanks for your patience and encouragement! You really are a very good teacher and your website an excellent resource/support! (June 15)

I love your structured way of teaching and I had a great time at the course! Thank you so much for the photo - it's a lovely souvenir.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday, and definitely learnt a lot. The techniques with salt and cling film were interesting and gave special effects! I'll certainly be using them again to 'brighten up' dull areas! The family were quite impressed with my paintings!

Thank you for the training. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed the course. You were more than patient with our playful and less-arty-talent group.

Hi and many thanks for today - it really was great - from the set up in your home which was perfect, to the number of people, to the different ‘subjects’ you chose for us to work with, to your skills as a painter AND as a teacher - just the right amount of information and direction ...not too much, not too little.  Truly - thoroughly enjoyed myself and am delighted with my two pictures! 

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your course today. You are an excellent teacher, I feel so inspired! I really loved every aspect of the course: the structured approach, the choice of subjects, the clear direction, the restricted palette, etc. and last but not least the company as well as lunch


Thank you very much for the workshop. I found it very interesting and I hope that I can put it into practice with the help of your website.

 I would like to do 1 project - I think 2 projects are too much!

Thank you for a great day, Helen. Very instructive, and much fun.

Great course, Helen! I learned an amazing amount.Please let me know when you are teaching next.

Thanks so much for the great course - jam-packed with ideas and techniques.

Encore un grand merci pour ce cours que j'ai beaucoup aimé. Et j'aurais aimé avoir des cours comme celui-ci lorsque j'ai commencé!


Tout était bien organisé, de manière très professionnelle, du matériel mis à disposition et des réalisations pas à pas très bien menées. Et même la collation servie à midi était délicieuse. Je me réjouis de revenir...


What fun . . . from novice to first framed piece of art in 6 hours!. Strongly recommended for all closet artists

Very well organised. Helen is an excellent teacher and i learned more about watercolor than I ever thought there was to learn.

This is a wonderful course to be introduced to watercolor. Helen Drew is an amazing instructor. Never having done watercolor before I actually am leaving with a framed "chef d'oeuvre".

Great fun. I haven't painted since school & I will definately carry on.

Could we have a second frame please.

I would prefer silver frames not gold ones.

Thank you so much for an interesting and instructive day yesterday.  I am considering attempting both paintings again, once the steps are on the website!  I’m not saying practice makes perfect, but it should help.  Sandwiches were delicious, as was the ham loaf. Good photo too!

Many thanks indeed for Saturday. I found it really instructive. On Sunday I tried a water color sky and sea – and tore it up!! Need more help.

Thanks Helen. I think our paintings look quite professional!!

Could you post the recipe for the ham and olive loaf please

This course was absolutely brilliant, I learnt new, surprising, yet amazing techniques - absolutely fantastic

Fun and helpful, thanks

Would like a little more time to practice please.

Thank you so much for a very interesting and challenging day yesterday.  It was most instructive; and I love learning about new (to me) colour mixes.  Thank you too for the photo, a great souvenir of a great day!

Thank you so much for a most enjoyable day.I have certainly learnt a lot today and feel very motivated to put it all into practice.I thought your demonstrations were really good.It is one thing to read about techniques and rules in a book and another to see it for real.

What a good day we had yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you have spurred me on to keep trying watercolours! Thank you so much for everything. I look forward already to the next time.

A most enjoyable day! Thank you.

Thank you Helen. I had a lovely day.

Thanks Helen, the course was very well structured and we learned some good tips.