Choose colours lemon yellow, madder lake, ultramarine blue with a little paynes grey

beware the neutral tint will give a very strong dark colour

 autumn acer3a    autumn acer3b    autumn acer3 final

Wet paper with clean water paint in areas of lemon yellow + madder use the tip of the brush for the areas around the white in the middle. Add more reds if the area is still wet if unsure dry completely and lightly wet area again. Don't forget your paint will dry lighter.

  Dry, then use a toothbrush to flick on splashes in the white and the light red areas. Paint in the trunks and branches with all 3 colours mixted together - should give a dark brown. Dab out areas of the trunks to give some texture




 Add in the trunks, more texture to the leaves and some green. ( lemon yellow + blue is opaque). Add in the small branches with a rigger brush

Add in the reflections roughly wet-in-wet   Add maore darks to trees and the water