venice reflections photo  

Draw the boat carefully it won't look boat-like if the perspective is wrong.

Study the composition - note the pale rectangular area of water.

half close your eyes and note where the tones are

venice refect1    venice reflect2    venice refect final 

Mix up enough colour with lots of water - should be tone 2

1. Red + neutral tint (or paynes grey)

2. Prussian + raw sienna + neutral tint

Paint everything except the white water areas.

Use horizontal brush strokes allowing the colours to merge


Add more pigment and more neutral tint. The colour should be the same just a lot stronger.

Paint the bridge starting with a blue tone and add more of the red on the right side.

The perspective line on the bottom right is important.

Add the dark blue on the boat continuing with the same colour into the water


Add more darks to the water on the left

Add more definition to the boat on the right

 venice reflect finala