Weekly classes are held every week on Tuesdays at 14.30 - 16.30, Wednesday 14.30 -16.30  and Thursdays at 9.30 - 11.30

For all levels - absolute beginners and improvers.

Pay at the door - if you can't come you don't pay and there is no minimum number of lessons you must take in one term.

Week 1 - we work on a planned project which I demonstrate step-by-step so usually everybody is working on the same project (you are of course always free to "do your own thing").

Week 2 - the faster painters work on their own project and the more leisurely painters finish project 1.

Week 3 - we do another demonstration together. Everybody is free to make suggestions for subjects - we try to paint many different subjects, flowers, landscapes, buildings, people. I just need a week to prepare your suggestions. We try many different techniques, my objective is for you to develop your own style not just produce paintings that look like mine.

Please bring your own materials and equipment although I am happy to provide any materials or equipment until you are sure of what is right for you. If you would like advice on what equipment to bring click here

call 0786661544 or email hdrew at drewdesign.ch