Choose colours lemon yellow, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, raw sienna, madder lake. This composition uses wet-in-wet and dry brush techniques. Don't forget wet-in-wet needs the paper really wet and your paint will be diluted by the water - never paint to the edge of the wet part you will get a strong line. It's recommended to mix up your paint before wetting the paper!

 sun thru tree1    sun thru tree2    sun thru tree3

Roughly sketch the tree shape then wet the whole of the paper above the horizon line leave white area where the sun is shining

   Add the trunk and brances, painting in lemon yellow where the sun is shining. Paint in foreground wet-in-wet with mixtures of green



  add in darker brances and foliage dry bruch or with a sponge
 sun thru tree4    sun thru tree final    

Add in background river bank


Add in more tree branches draw a couple of sun beams with clean water and wipe out quickly

Add more darks in the foreground