Choose colours raw sienna, ultramarine blue or cobalt, burnt sienna, paynes grey or neutral tint This composition uses wet-in-wet, dry brush techniques and dabbing out with kitchen paper. Don't forget wet-in-wet needs the paper really wet and your paint will be diluted by the water - never paint to the edge of the wet part you will get a strong line. It's recommended to mix up your paint before wetting the paper!

 norfolk beach1    norfolk beach2    norfolk beach3

Roughly sketch the composition then wet the whole of the paper above the horizon line paint with blues


Soften the edges of the clouds in 3 ways

1. use kitchen paper

2. paint a wet area with clean waterr the add paint leaving edges to bleed

3. paint a cloud shadow the soften by touching your clean paint brush to the very edge of the paint

Add shadows to the underside of the cloud

  Loosly paint in the beach and the dune. Using raw sienna for the sand and mixtures of blue, burnt sienna and raw sienna for rthe dune
 norfolk beach final    norfolk beach final2a    

Darken the sky if necessary - dry completely first add white gouache for a few small waves

   I thought the scene looked a little empty so I added the boy with a kite