Choose colours lemon yellow, cobalt blue, alizarine, neutral tint (or paynes grey which has a little more blue)

beware the neutral tint will give a very strong dark colour

Founex farm1   founex farm2   atmo tree final
Roughly sketch the composition, then turn board upside down, paint clean water above the roofs. Mix blue, yellow with a little neutral tint and drop into the water. Paint carefully around the chimney section. paint different colours across the paper. Continue with more blue still keeping the board upside down.  It will look very dark but will dry 30% lighter. You can drop in more colour while the paper is wet, BUT once it starts to dry results can be unpredicatable.  

Dry completely. Board is still upside down.Paint clean water again across the top of the roofs and down. drop in more darker paint and allow to spead. Important: paint should not reach the edge of the wet area otherwise there will be a strong line, we want a diffuse look. Draw in some branches with a water-soluble crayon.




Paint in the building with different shades of blue/grey - try to paint large areas of the building at one go - avoid painting each shape a different tone.

Paint the foreground very loosely by adding clean water and then very dark paint. Add in some warm redder tones in the foreground

Add in windows and shadows under the eves. Avoid painting all the windows the same

Founex farm1  

I decided to add in a couple of trees on the left side

Add more darks in the foreground