chillon reflections1   chillon reflections2   chillon reflections3
Sketch scene - draw the chateau quite precisely but the background very loosely. Paint in a pale wash of raw sienna - DRY   We are now going to paint in the whole painting wet-in-wet except the building. Start at the top with the sky cobalt+ prussian (not too much prussian!) add in some raw sienna for the background hills and trees and some cobalt and raw sienna for the refections in the lake. Keep the line of the building reflection in line with the actual building. Try to avoid any strong lines and note the colour is still quite light - tone 2    Add in some darker tones for the mountains paint roughly getting some dry brush effects, using fingers to push the paint around. Add some dark tones cobalt + burnt sienna for the left side foreground. Keep your strokes horizontal. paint in vertical strokes for the chateau window reflections.
 chillon reflections4    chillon reflections final    
Continue adding darks for the trees and the roof shadows on the chateau   Add in windows and more daks - tone 5. Avoid painting all the windows the same shape and colour  
 chillon2a    chillon2b    Chillon reflect finala
See the chateau roofs and wall as fewer shapes and paint in one go changing the colours. Do not draw triangles and rectangles and paint them in, the whole composition will look disjointed. paint the shapes without outlines   Add in more darks in the foliage in the foreground and more darks in the water in the front    Needed a few more darks