A lake scene with calm water

calm reflections 1   calm reflections 2   calm reflections 3
Sketch out the scene: note in the composition the villa is not in the centre. Wash in a very light raw sienna for the sky, continuing to the villa and refections in the lake   Dry - then add a wash of cobalt over the sky and add some very pale alizarin for the background trees on the left and some darker sienna for the lake edge   Continue adding washes of green for the trees (cobalt + raw sienna) and add a pale wash of cobalt for the water - this should be wet-in-wet. make sure you mix enough paint before starting
 calm reflections 4    calm reflections 5    calm reflections final
 Add some darks in the water, keeping your brush strokes horizontal   Add more darks in the trees - keep them soft - you can use your finger to smudge edges    I thought that the roof needed a bit more definition