Colours Raw sienna, burnt sienna, cobalt blue (with a little cerulean blue in the sky)

nyon chateau1   nyon chateau2   nyon chateau3
Sketch out - mix paint. turn the board upsdide down and paint the sky with clean water - drop in the blue making darker at the top of the paper - droping in green and allow to spread. Dry before adding more pigment.   Drop in some blue in the foreground to balance the blue in the sky - continue wet-in-wet adding raw sienna and burnt sienna. It is important to get all the colour distributed across the painting so that you don;t have blue only in the sky. Don't forget the darkest colours should be at the front   Paint the whole area of the buildings in one go varying the colours and tones leave the white area of the castle white.Dry
 nyon chateau4    nyon chateau final    
Paint a second layer of paint over the middle building leaving the windows as negative areas to balance out the positive windows on the left side building. paint windows with 1 stroke in differnt colour and tones. Avoid painting windows too  regularly. Continue with the windows on the chateau    Add a few more darks in the foreground