Colours: Ultramarine, cerulean, paynes grey (or neutral tint), raw sienna

Draw the mountains. Dent du Midi.

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dentdumidi sketch   fog1   fog2
 Sketch the composition    In the area marked red put on a wash of white gouache mixed with really small amount of ultramarine blue. DONT paint the red line. Paint sky with clean water then drop in washes of ultramarine and cerelean blues. IMPORTANT make sure that the sky is very pale as you get to the mountain peaks. Suggest turning board upside down!!   Paint in mountains with ultra + paynes grey being careful not to use a lot of strokes which will disturb the underlying white gouache wash. Start with palest blue and add 2 glazes of the same colour
 fog final        
 Draw a staight line to mark the level of the fog. Dampen kitchen paper and dab out the colour. The paint should come away easily. Paint in trees and foreground with tones of raw sienna and blue. Add a little raw sienna into the mountains