Colours: Raw sienna, alizerin, prussian + ultramarine blue, Neutral tint (or paynes grey)

This painting makes use of glazes.

It is VERY important to make sure glaze 1 is completly dry before painting on glaze 2 otherwise the colours will mix and you will end up with muddy colours.(paper dry and flat)

Try also not to make too many brush strokes which will disturb the lower layer. Test the colours by painting glaze 1 on scrap paper dry then paint the next glaze on top

 venice 1   venice 2    venice 3 

 Paint in sky using a mixture of 2 blues. Your sky

should be very pale by the time you get to the roof

line but add a little blue to the right of the main dome

as it will remain white


Add in the sea making it lighter on the horizon line

Start with raw sienna in the distance then add more

alizerin as you move right allow the paint to mix on

the paper. DRY

Add prussian to


 Test the colours on scrap paper blue + neutral tint

Start with the dome and then go down into the buildings

Leave some gaps for windows and building features.

Make the blue darker as you go down and right.

Paint the building on the left in darker blues


 venice final        
 Add more darks for windows and features