Colours to use: Lemon yellow, permanent red / cadmium red, prussian blue - unusuall colour for a landscape but you can get lots of interesting shades by mixing


stcergue sketch 

 Sketch out composition and apply white gouache

to the centre above the path. Dry well


 Paint the sky (upside down) with prussian. Paint

very carefully over the area where you have applied

the gouache, try not to disturb the gouache layer.

Paint in the background trees with mixtures of the

3 colours

 stcergue3    stcergue2

 With a damp tissue blott out the trees and the

mist shapes. Change your tissue often


 Start to paint in the foreground trees paint with

different colours and tones. Trees are not 2 dimensional

and branches will get darker as they come towards you

stcergue final    

Continue painting the tress and add the foreground

rocks and vegetation