Instructions for a basic tree with drawing

basic tre1   basic tre2   basic tre3
Draw 3 circles, slightly overlapping   Erase the middle overlap and add a trunk   Draw in branches so that the lines touch the outer edge of the circles
basic tre4   basic tre5   basic tre6
Erase the outer edge of the circles. Decide where the light is coming from.(top right).   This is a dry brush technique mix up lemon yellow and cobalt and stroke the paint on to the paper. Your brush should be almost horizontal. Use the surface of the paper to get the effect. Make sure you don't have too much water in the brush   Start with a lemon yellow on the right gradually adding more blue to get the shadows on the bottom and left. Add in a very small quantity of madder lake to get the really dark shadows on the foliage at the bottom
basic tre8   basic tre9    
Add the branches with a fine rigger brush along your previous pencil lines leaving gaps where the leaves cover the brabches.   Put your tree into a landscape. Of course you could paint your sky first