Ultramarine, Sap green, Madder lake (or alizarin)

Brush #16

Paper: Needs to be ROUGH/ TORCHON. Arches rough is great for this. If you use a smooth paper you won't get the jagged edges of the branch.

Pigment in the brush: not too much water and make sure you stroke on the paint use your brush almost horizontally for best results

firtre 1   

 Draw an elongated cone shape

with a centre line.

Draw irregular ellipses over-lapping

draw outside your cone but don't

deviate too far from the original line.

You can see here the ellipses are

different sizes.


 firtre br   firtre br2 

 This is  brush stroke 1. Start with the

brush on the line of the cone and

sweep out, feathering the edge


 This is brush stroke 2. Squash your

brush as shown and sweep down from

brush stroke 1

 firtre 2    firtre final

 Start with a few squiggles with a fine

brush at the top. Change to bigger brush and

lighter green


 Add darker colour (green + madder)

to give the shadows under the branches

then add the trunk continue up adding

trunk sporadically