Colours: Raw sienna, Lemon yellow, Burnt sienna, Cobalt blue + tiny bit of Madder

Paper: Arches 300gm (is very tough and will take scrubbing without damaging the paper)

Masking Fluid

Sketch the composition roughly. This composition is a triangle.

We start with a graduated wash in the sky covering a wash of raw sienna to give a warmer colour at the horizon line

PLEASE NOTE: if you use masking fluid DO NOT use a hairdryer

Mask out posts and water ripples

Coppet 1     coppet 2

Start with the sky, wet the paper and lay on a very

pale wash of raw sienna - DRY. Lay on a wash of

cobalt - this should be darker at the top, add water

as you come down. Paint roughly round the roof, but

don't worry too much if the colour runs into the house

dab it out with a tissue if it runs into the white wall

Add a little madder to the blue for the background

hills. Dry - paint the water with a slighly darker mixture

of the cobalt (you could add a tiny bit of  Prussian)


Paint the roof of the building with mixtures of burnt

sienna and cobalt, allow the paint to mix on the paper

avoid painting the roof in only one colour

Paint in the bushes with mixtures of lemon and cobalt,

cobalt and raw sienna and burnt sienna. Note colours

are stronger as they come towards you (aeriel

perspective). Add more dark blues to the bottom left

side. Add a splodge of Madder lake for the rose bush

(do not paint roses!)

 Coppet final    

Add the wall in burnt sienna and allow it to wash into

cobalt + burnt sienna in the water paint the water loosely

with VERTICAL brush strokes. Remove the mask when

the paper is COMPLETELY dry. Scrub out some white

edges if your ripples are very strong. Lastly add some

lines to the ljetty with some chinese white

(or white gouache). Add some darks to bases of the