Colours: Austrailian Gold (or quinacrinone gold) Madder Lake, Ultramarine blue

venice san marco sketch   venice san marco2     venice san marco1
Sketch lightly   Paint wet in wet allowing paint to flow. Do not paint staright lines for the edges of walls. paint sky first then add more gold for ceentral buildings. Wash in blue on the left and red and blue mixted on the right. Add darker colours before the paper dries. If the paper starts to dry - dry completely and rewet.Dont add paint if the paper id drying - you will get cauliflowers     When paper is totally dry add darker colours. Use analoguous colours on top of each other. Gold on gold, blue on blue. Avoid painting blue on gold. paint one side of the spires and blend the second side. Avoid outlining shapes
venice san marco          
Add more details and add in the street lamp. Do don'r nee a lot of details. then look at the painting. It's easier to add detail than to remove it