annecy sketch   annecy persp

Things to note: Don't draw the people so that they

are too big to fit through any door ways


Define your eye level. From here objects that are below

your eye level slope down and objects that are above

your eye level slope up. This is an old street we have 2

vanishing points. Enen then because of the old

buildings it is not precise. New office buildings will be

more precise

annecy 1   annecy1

Wet the paper and paint in the buildings allowing

the paint to run. Avoid painting each building a

different colour. Add a few darks in the foreground

while the paper is still damp. Dab out any whites

with kitchen paper.


Add more details by painting the negative shapes.

Note the 2nd building on the left we have painted the

wall leaving the windows pale from the first wash.

Avoid using the same colour for every window and

painting in too many details. The viewers eye will

complete the details

annecy final  

Add people, they give the composition a more

realistic look, buildings with no people look deserted.

click for people in the landscape

Put in shadow lines under windows and rooves with

a flat brush