"En plein air" at Rando Croquis 4 August 2017

 Sketching - things to remember:

  1. Simplify and draw only the large shapes - try to see 6/7 shapes, don't add details
  2. Look at the tones - there should be at least 5 tones from 1 - white to almost black - 5
  3. Use tone 4 for the darks in the middle ground, the darkest darks (5) should be in the foreground (see aeriel perspective)
  4. Set yourself a deadline - 20 minutes should be enough time to do a quick notan. This forces you to look and concentrate
  5. Remove tree trunks afterwards with putty rubber
randosketch1   randosketch3    
  randosketch2  ranosketch5 6  randosketch4  
  randophoto1 randophoto2 randophoto3  


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