Colours used: Lemon yellow, prussian blue, burnt sienna

farm sketch   farm1
 Sketch out farm roughly  

 wet sky with clean water and drop in prussian blue

(be carefull it's a very strong colour). Continue with

the foreground adding yellow + sienna on the right

and prussian + yellow on the left. Then add some

sienna to the left to balance the colours. paint the

road with prussian + sienna

farm3   farm4

 Add more of the sky colour for the distant Jura hills

and paint the roof with blue + sienna. Add some

darker bushes around the farm


 Paint in the large tree on the left with different

greens using a flat brush. paint the tree on the right

with different greens (I added more lemon)


 Add windows to the building. Don't use the same

colour for all the windows. Remove paint from the

tree branches by painting with a fine brush, clean

water ad dabbing with kitchen paper


 Add more darks to the tree with dry brush

(thick paint with very little water) Drag the

brush over the paper giving an irregular effect

to the edges of the trees