Colours used: Prussian blue, paynes grey, cerulean blue, lemon yellow

seaspray 1   seaspray 2

I used masking fluid for this as it's easier to paint

the foam on the bottom. I also marked out the

line of foam on the left side and outlined some of

the rocks. Wet sky with clean water then lay on a

wash of prussian blue (very strong - add water). Put

only very little blue in the spray of water above the

rocks. Dry. Then add the same prussian for the

sea in the background


Paint in the rocks with mixtures of prussian, paynes

grey and a tiny touch of lemon yellow (makes a nice

green with paynes grey). then paint the cerulean

(again a very strong colour test first) with diagonal

strokes blending in prussian at the bottom.

seaspray 3   seaspray final

Paint in the rock in the foreground and add more

blue to the sea in the front. Try to get 3/4 tones of

the blue. Turn the painting and paint the underside

of the wave in the middle with prussian, blending

out to white as you get to the horizon. Dry

completely then remove the masking fluid


Add more darks to the rocks, more darks to the

water in the front.

Then mix up some white gouache and with a

toothbrush, spray the large wave and areas of the

rocks. Do not get carried away and spray the

whole painting and do not paint on top of the

gouache. Using gouache should be the last step.