A wonderful garden just outside Zuerich full of Azaleas and Rhodedendrons in late spring.

Colours used: Cobalt ble, lemon yellow, madder lake and I cheated a bit with windsor purple

seleger2   seleger3

 Sketch - then wash the sky with clean water.

Drop in cobalt blue. Don't worry if it runs into the

bushes underneath.


 Without drying completely

Paint in bushes with a mixture of blue and lemon

yellow allow the colours to flow together on the

paper. Tip you board around it's easier.

seleger4   seleger5
 paint in dark bushes    Add coloured wet-in-wet areas for the azaleas

Add in the shadows cast by the bushes

Note the focal point of the composition is the sunlit

area of path. make sure you have the darkest areas

of shadow next to the palest area