With a few tips you can get your trees looking a little more tree-like

trees avoid1   trees avoid2

Avoid placing your tree right in the centre of the

composition. The trunk should look as if it is

growing out of the ground not just cut off.


3 trees off-centre is good, BUT they are all the same

width and same distance apart and they grow out

off the earth at the same level. Variety is better

trees avoid3    trees avoid7

Both side branches go off at the same place.

The branches are the same width.

It is rare that the trunk and branches are so smooth


Avoid making the branches much wider than the

trunk. Usually branches get thinner as they go


tree avoid6   trees avoid5 trees avoid4

It is rare that a tree would have

long branches like these which

are smooth and straight with no side branches


The trunk is too long for the branches,

once you have added leaves your tree

will look like a lollipop.

There are trees that have these

dimensions BUT they are usually pruned

e.g. apple trees


Trunk is 1/5, branches are at least 2-3/5

and thin twigs are 1/5