Colours used: Ultramarine, Madder lake, Lemon yellow, Quinacrinone gold and a little Paynes grey

winter water1   winter water2

 Dampen the botton half of the paper with clean water

Drop in (L-R) lemon yellow then gold then red and blue



 With board upsidedown, dampen top half of paper

and drop in Red+Blue on R (left if upside down)

adding more water and then red

winter water3   winter water4
 When dry add tree trunks with Grey + Blue  

 Darken areas of trunks.

With water and fine brush take out paint for back-

ground trunks on R the add dark for bottoms.

Add dark area of R+B bottom R dampening

paper first. Paint in reflections on the water

winter water5    

 Add in small branches with a rigger and some

toothbrush effect to give the impression of small leaves