sunrise photo   sunrise1
Photo copyright Patricia Brice  

Sketch in details very loosely. Important not to have

hard pencil lines which cannot be erased after paint

has been applied. You could use a light orange water

soluble crayon.

Wet paper with clean water and drop in lemon yellow

and a bright red. I experimented with permenant

orange. Remove the white area at the bottom with a

tissue. Dry

sunrise2   sunrise

Turn board around and wash with clean water. Lay

down a wash of cobalt blue. Try not to allow the blue

to run into the yellow (we don't want a green).

Drop in mixtures of red and blue for the bottom of

the clouds then soften the edges with a clean brush

which is just damp not load with water.


Add the foreground with very dark areas of paynes

grey + lemon yellow. You can paint in the road and

houses if you wish


 Darken foreground and put in telegraph wires

with a rigger