This painting is not monotone, we have used 2 colours for more interest - Van Dyke Brown and Paynes Grey

 Fechy photo   Fechy snow1

When you do the sketch make sure you

straighten the church tower!


Dampen sky with clean water - paint in loose washes

of both colours. Don't worry if the paint goes into the

buildings. Dab out buildings with paper towel whilst

the paint is still wet. Continue with foreground using

the same method. Make sure the colour at the bottom

is darker. Add colour to area under buildings whilst the

paper is still wet. Dry

Fechy snow2   Fechy snow2b

Putting in the texture. You can paint in the lines of

vines or you can use a printing method. Here I used

old packing material. Wash the paint onto the

card and use it to print on the paper. Follow the lines

of the vines. You can also use a toothbrush to splash

on the paint.


Paint the buildings in large areas. Start with the

very dark building. Don't put in the windows yet.

Paint in fine lines with a Rigger in the foreground

Fechy snow2a    

Splatter on some white gouache with a toothbrush

and paint in fine lines with a white pen for the

windows. (Signo uniball by Mitsubishi is a good one)