Colours used: vandyke Brown, raw sienna, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue. This is not a quick and easy project it's important to draw carefully and soften all edges.

Draw the tiger with all the patterns on his fur.

Wet the whole of the tiger with clean water and drop in a mixture of raw and burnt sienna dabbing out the white areas. It is important that there are no sharp lines in order to give the impression of fur .

tiger1   tiger2    tiger3  

continue to add in yellow + red to darken

some areas. Leave some white areas.

Make sure there is no line

where the white blends to the orange.

Add a little vandyke brown to add a

darker tone


Start adding the stripes with vandyke

brown, work carefully, softening the

edges of each stripe


 Continue working on the body stripes

with the same colour and technique.




The eyes are a mixture of raw sienna

and ultramarine. Drag out fine lines

with a rigger to show fur. Consider

which way the fur is lying! The nose is a

little pink add a really dilute madder lake

or alizarin.

The tiger should really go on a dark

background. (I'm plucking up the courage!)