Colours: Raw sienna, burnt sienna, Blue either cerulean, cobalt, prussian or ultramarine or mixture of 2 (I used ultra + cerulean)

 vincel 1   vincel 2   

 Sketch landscape  turn upside down wet paper with

water and paint mixture of blues you have chosen.

Sky should be darker at the top. (more pigment)

whilst blue is still slightly wet (paper is shiny) add

hill in background by adding raw sienna to blue


 paint in foreground with mixtures of raw + burnt

sienna. Add blue for bushes across the middle.

Back run is acheived by painting clear water

horizontally across whilst foreground is still wet

 vincel 3    vincel 4  

 Paint in roofs. Try to paint all in one shape using

burnt sienna and adding blue mixture from time to

time. Paint fairly carefully. man-made edges should

be sharp


 Paint in shadows on the building (you may have to

refind with a pencil) and shadows behind chimneys

 vinzel final  

Paint in the windows (don't paint them all the same colour!

Using a flat brush and dark colour touch the brush to

the bottom edge of the roofs to give a shadow.

Use a sponge to put some texture of vine leaves in the

foreground with a dark mixture of burnt and raw sienna

add some stakes and wires for the vines. Add a touch

of green on the background hill.