Colours used: Ultramarine blue (or cobalt) Madder lake (or alizerine) Raw sienna, Paynes grey.

Paper used: Arches 300gm

birches sketch   birches2  

 Sketch out tree trunks with different widths and

different spacing between


 Flick on masking fluid witha toothbrush and dry.

Wet whole of paper with clean water and drop on.

A pale sienna at top left then blue and grey mix

adding madder at right side. then a diagonal band

sienna and madder. Finally blue + grey at bottom left

Using a sharp blade scrap out the paint on the trunks

moving left to right up the trunks. Some force is

needed! Dry

birches3   birches final  

 Now with the same blade (or old credit card).

Dip in white gouache NOT DILUTED and using the

same stroke as the paint removal add white up the

trunks. Dry


 Add darker paint in between the trunks. Add grey

areas on the trunks add grasses and toothbrush