Colours: ultramarine, cerulean blue, sap green. raw sienna

water reflection 1   water reflections 2  

Sketch out the composition making sure that the

edge of the lake doesn't fall half way and that the

trees are irregularly placed. paint on a very pale

raw sienna over the sky and trees. Dry


Paint in the back ground trees in mixtures of both

blues and raw sienna allowing the colours to mix on

the paper. Note the colours change from left to

right. Soften off some od the top edges with clean

water. paint in the foreground with sap + cerulean

and sap + raw sienna

water reflections 3   water reflection 4  

Paint the foreground trees and mixtures of sap,

raw sienna, ultramarine and cerulean. These trees

should be darker tones.


Paint in the lake with clear water and drop in

ultramarine + cerulean + raw sienna allowing paint

to mix wet in wet. paint in the foreground with

sap + sienna. Dry

water reflections final   water reflections final2  

Paint clean water for reflections under the trees

Whilst the paper is still wet paint green mixtures

with a flat brush and a vertical stroke straight down.

If you get a strong edge soften with clean water.

Add foreground these should be the darkest darks.