Colours:  Raw Sienna, Ultramarine, Sap green, Paynes grey

trees and stream sketch

  trees and stream1 
  1. Draw out a simple sketch
  2. paint sky with very pale wash of raw sienna allow to dry
  3. paint ultramarine starting with darker colour at the top make 1 stroke from left to right then add clean water for the second stroke from left to right (see graduated washes)
  4. allow to dry
  5. paint distant mountains with Ultramarine - paint a broken line then blend bottom of line with clean water. Add raw sienna while paper is wet
  6. allow to dry
  7. paint in next green area by wetting paper first mix sap green with sienna and blue allow the colours to mix on the paper. We don't want an area that is all the same colour
  8. paint in the stream with Ultramarine add areas of paynes grey in the water and for the bank
  9. use a rigger and dark paint for grasses using a flicking movement upwards, try not to make the grasses too regular
trees and stream2  
  1. add the trees with dark tones of ultramarine, sap green, raw sienna  and paynes grey
  2. the easiest way to do this is to draw the trees first (then you can erase then if not correct)
  3. alternatively you can use carbon paper to trace them . Find a nice tree photo and draw over the basic shape using carbon paper - you only need to do the main branches
  4. look at the sketch the branches are 3x the lenght of the trunks
  5. paint the branches carefully with disjointed lines and some gaps
  6. decide where the light is coming from (left in this case) and make the trucks darker on this side
  7. use a sponge to put in some spring leabves with sap green + raw sienna (don't go wild with the sponge!)
  8. add some shadows at the base to "plant" the trees