Paper 300gms - colours Raw sienna, Burnt sienna, Paynes grey, Ultramarine Blue (or Cerulean blue)

Original Photo - 2 compositions - these are the same photo but cropped differently. Then we have added

the cows. Cow drawing click here.

patricias comp1 cows&barn   patricias comp2 cows& barn
patricias barn6b   patricias barn6a

Decide on the composition if you are working from a photo. You do not need to copy it slavishly. It's a

good idea to do a couple of quick sketches to define tones and positions of the main images. Above you

can see 1) either a low horizon with a large sky or b) a high horizon with small sky

patricias barn1a  patricias barn1 

Mix a very dilute solution of raw sienna. Wet the sky with clean water and while it is still wet paint in yellow

with quick broad stokes (fewer is better) Don't worry of the yellow runs into the roof. Dry completely.

Mix ultramarine and paynes grey SEPARATELY in the palette. Wet the paper with clean water. Drop in grey

then blue. The aim is to get the colours to mix on the paper NOT in the palette, paint down until the roof.

Don't worry if the paint runs into the roof. While the paint is still wet dab out cloud shapes with kitchen paper.

Watching and softening edges if necessary while it dries.

 patricias barn3  patricias barn4

Start with a pale wash of raw sienna and ultramarine blue at the left side adding more blue around

the cows. (It's nice if they have some thing to eat!) Paint the cows and fence posts quite roughly as long as there is some

white left its OK. Continue working to the right and add more burnt sienna to the mixture.

Paint the end gable of the barn with a dark paynes grey + burnt sienna (allow to mix on the paper. The straight

line of the roof must be painted carefully (with a small brush if necessary). Make sure you have a point

at the top.

Continue painting the walls with the same mixture. It's effective to leave a small white vertical line

between the gable and the wall. Make some texture with kitchen paper.

Paint the roof with a pale grey shade. Dry. The roof texture has been made by printing with corrugated card.

 patricias barn5  patricias barn final

Add the cows, leave some white (cow patterns are all different) Don't paint the legs too fat or too long, its easy to

paint them wider but difficult to correct if you end up with cows with fat legs! Add a shadow under the cows.

Paint the dark side of the fence posts and the wires between the posts with a dark colour and small brush