Print out the sketch and use a soft pencil to add the tones. You should have at least 5 tones, 1 = the lightest and 5 = the darkest with a 5/6B pecil you can get some really dark darks give yourself 5 minutes per sketch (see

col scheme sketch    colour scheme

Draw out the composion on watercolour paper (17 x 11.5 is small enough to do several different colour schemes)

Decide on the colours try a yellow a red and a blue (TEST on SCRAP PAPER to see what the results are).  Try light skies and dark skies. Remember to use the same colours for the buildings. Different coloured roofs will not look harmonious

Experiment with different colour schemes - I have used paynes grey, raw sienna, viridian with a touch of madder lake for a cool feel. Try different seasons

Things to remember

  1. Colours get darker the closer they are to you so the darkest darks should be near the front (aeriel perspective)
  2. Repeat your colours several times in the composition
  3. Try not to paint in monotone stripes
  4. Remember counter change will draw the eye to the focal point