Colours used. Ultramarine Blue, Madder Lake,

Burnt Sienna, Sap Green

   winterlake sketch  
winterlake 2   winterlake 3  

Simple sketch - Water line is 1/3 up paper.

Wet top 2/3 of paper and wash dilute madder + ultra b

adding green and Ultra b on right side. These should be

nomore than tone 3. We will add darker tones on top!

Add burnt sienna rocks allowing colour to run into the



Add darker tones of the same colours leaving some

edges soft. These are the foreground trees. Allow colour

to run into sienna rocks.

Wet lake area with clean water drop in pale tones of

mader + ultra b on left and darker tones of green +

ultra on right

winterlake final  

Paint rocks with tones of madder + ultra and sienna. Leave some

but not too much white. Start with lighter colours and build up to

darker tones.

Add white tree trunks with white gouache add darker tones to

bases of trees and dark tree trunks.

Add ripples to water (they get larger at the front of the picture)

Add a couple of fir trees on the right. (make one darker)

Add a duck if you want!