Colours used Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna

stairs sketch    stairs 2 
 sketch composition  

 mask handrail, tops of plants and

reflection in window. The paint a graded

wash of all colours. should be darkest

under the stairs

 stairs 3    stairs 4

 Using all 3 colours paint whole of upper

area, leaving the stairs white. Allow paint

to run. Dry


 Add a wash of mostly blue with more

pigment and less water (Jocelyn!!) to the

wall area. Continue this darker colour

into the bases of the plants

stairs 6   stairs final

Paint in the stair shapes with blue + BS

note all steps are not the same colour

and they are darker on the right. Add the

window and door panels and different

shades. Dry and remove mask


Soften top edges of steps and edges of

plants. Draw in black railings - you can

use a water soluble crayon or the edge

of a credit card dipped in paint. (practise

first!). Add railing shadow to the steps and a

shadow under the window (use a flat brush)