Using the masking technique described here

Materials: Paper Arches 300gm fine grain

Colours: Ultramarine and Prussian blues, raw and burnt siennas. (you could try cerulean blue if you have no prussian)

white water white water1 white water2

sketch the outlines on the

watercolour paper. Don't shade in

the trees as shown here

Apply the masking fluid by method

described here. Then lay on a loose

wash of blue in the sky and lake and

mixtures of Prssian + raw sienna

for the trees

Add montains by using the same colour

as the sky. Soften the bottom of the

line by using clean water so that it

blends into the trees

white water3 white water final  

Add rocks with burnt  + raw sienna

and ultramarine. paint in trees with

dancing strokes starting at the top.

Don't paint the trees too regular

Add dark reflections beneath the

trees on the right and left. Add

more dark areas in the water at the