Colours used: ultramarine blue, prussian blue, madder lake deep, raw sienna

Note: be careful not to make the background colours too dark, the darkest darks should be towards the

front see aeriel perspective. Test the colour on scrap paper.

lake boat sketch     lake boat1

Preliminary sketch for composition and colour.

Note dark trees behind boat and that hills and mountains

in background are much paler


Draw boat fairly precisely.

Mask out mast, cabin and some ripples in water.

See using mask/frisket

 lake boat2    lake boat3

Paint sky loosly with mixture of ultrmarine and prussian

blues. Leave some white clouds. Don't worry if the blue

runs into the mountains


Paint in the mountains with a mixture of madder and

ultramarine, soften a couple of edges. Paint in closer hills

with both blues + raw sienna, soften a couple of edges

Next stages coming next week