September 17th 2014

A bunch of grapes


Course notes: Things to remember

  1. Mix colours first (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow) (we used madder lake, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow)
  2. Spray paper with water
  3. Drop in blue & yellow - allow to run - make grape shapes with your fingers. Leave some white paper. Spray again if it dries too quickly
  4. Add reds and purples for background, think in diagonals. Draw dark stems with brush handle.
  5. Dry
  6. Roughly draw grape shapes with water soluble coloured pencil
  7. Paint around the grape shapes smoothing out edges with a dry brush.
  8. Paint small diamond shapes between grapes to give form.
  9. Draw in leaf stems with rigger or water soluble crayon.