Course: 30 March 2015 - Marguerites

margarite-001  margarite-002
margarite-003 margarite-004


Course notes: Things to remember

  1. Use a soft pencil - 2B to draw the flowers. It is easier to paint if the petals go out of the frame and overlap in the sketch
  2. Paint, fairly carefully, the bottom third of the composition with a mixture of prussian blue and raw sienna, allow the colours to mix on the paper, using the point of the brush to get the shapes between the petals
  3. Paint the top third in the same way using a mixture od sap green and raw sienna
  4. Paint in the rock shapes with raw sienna and madder lake blending towards petals with clear water
  5. Use the same mixture (rs +ml) for flower centres. Don't paint all the centres the same colour and size
  6. Soften the edges of some of the petals with clean water by pulling the colour into the white
  7. Add shadows to blend in the flowers with the background (don't paint all the shadows in the same direction as the petals)
  8. Add more darks to the base of the flowers and some twigs and leaves