Floral in blue tones



VanGogh watercolour Prussian blue, Madder lake deep, Permenent lemon yellow. Watercolour paper Gerstaecker 300gm, but any 300gm paper will do. All papers behave diffferently!

  1. Roughly sketch composition in water soluble crayon - avoid putting objects in the centre. Use thirds see composition
  2. Use masking fluid on window frames. Be careful masking fluid wrecks expensive paint brushes use mask pen, a stick or a very old brush (washing in water with detergent immediately after use)
  3. Paint dark blue under the flowers - allow to dibble to bottom of picture
  4. When masking is dry, paint background area over flowers (turn board upside down) using same blue - try for a lighter area on the side the light is coming from. Don't remove masking until the paint is dry!
  5. Add dark shapes between flowers - add blue and yellow for leaves - add centres of flowers. Flick colour with tooth brush.
  6. Paint vase with mixture of blue and red making the side furthest from the light and the shadow areas under leaves a darker colour. Add salt quickly before the paint dries in one or two areas (don't overdo special effects). Allow to dry before rubbing off salt
  7. Add shadows to give flowers 3D effect with pale mixture of blue and red