Choose colours:permanent red, cobalt blue, lemon yellow

 pears1    pears2    pears3

Roughly sketch the 4 pears and the dish with a soft (B) pencil. Mix up 2 greens with more or less yellow. Choose 1 pear to start and wet with clean water carefully stay within the sketch lines.Use a large brush. Leave white highlights (you can remove paint with a clean dry brush or blot out with kitchen paper. DRY


Paint on darker area by wetting paper agin and dropping in the paint. Paint the dish with permenant red (add some blue and yellow for darker tones)


  Take a tooth brush and spray on texture - its agood idea to mask out the areas you don't want to spray. You can do this with paper or even better cut out the area from your original photo. Add stalks


 pears finalLQ        
Add in the shadow. Shadows are darker the nearer they are to the object. - they also take some colour from the object.