Choose colours:permanent red, alizarin crimson, paynes grey (neutral tint)

 strawb1    straw2    straw3

Roughly sketch the strawberry look at the shape, mark in roughly the highlights - these are very important to make your fruit look juicy. Dot in a few seeds look at the way they are arranged in curved rows. Apply the masking fluid (I don't recommend Mototow I couldn't remove it after painting). Also I recommend you use a good quality paper (300gm) On cheap papers you risk rubbing off the paper at the same time!

Wait untill the mask is completely dry. NEVER dry with a hairdrier


 Paint on layer 1 using permanent red with lots of water on the left then adding in alizarin for the darker tones on the right. Paint in the leaves while you are waiting for the strawberry to dry


  Dry well - add in more of the same colours adding in the curved shapes of the seeds


 straw final    straw sketch    
When the paint is COMPLETELY dry rub off the mask. Then blend in the highlights a little and add seeds with darker reds and lemon yellow (which is opaque - use straight from the tube). Add in the shadow: wet the shadow shapw and drop in alizarin + paynes gray, don't forget shadows pick up some refected colour from the object and get lighter the further away fro the object they are   Nice now to build up the strawberry exercise into a composition with a couple of fruits