Choose colours: quinacridone pink, sap green, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, paynes grey (neutral tint)

cyclamen1   cyclamen2   cyclamen3
Roughly sketch the composition, its a good idea to design your composition so that painting in the dark background will be easy. Don't overthink the petal shapes make them all different. Paint in petals with pale pinks  

Paint in the leaf shapes with pale green wet-in-wet with yellow + blue. Dry



I like to put in the dark background before you get too far into the painting. Paint in sections with blue + paynes grey try not to have srong lines where the colour meets.

There are 2 ways to paint the leaves:

1. paint with a darker colour laeving a lighter area

2. paint the dark colour over the whole leaf an remove paint with screwed up kitchen paper

I suggest you try both methods

Add the darker pink on the to centre of the flowers wet-in-wet allow to flow outwards. Draw lines on the petal with watersoluble crayon or a fine brush