Choose colours: quinacridone pink, sap green, prussian blue, lemon yellow

atmo tree1   atmo tree2   atmo tree final
Roughly sketch the composition. Don't overthink the petal shapes make them all different and some should come over the centre area  

Paint in the petals wet-in-wet with lemon yellow, adding burnt sienna (and yellow ochre if you wish). Dry

Prepare a mixture of ultramarine + burnt sienna and a mixture of blue and lemon. These colours should be fairly dark otherwise the next step will not work as well



While the pigment are still a little wet add in your alcohol (we used hand sanitizer). A tiny drop will cause an effect - practice on scrap paper.


Re-wet the lower right area and use sandpaper and brown water soluble crayon to sprinkle on some coloured texture

waterlilies4   waterlilies5    
Start on the background painting carefully around the petals. Add the leaves painting them in different greens by adding more blue or burnt sinna. Notice the lighter colours are at the top where the light is coming from   Make sure your leaves are different sizes and the colours are blending together