Choose colours: lemon yellow,  cobalt blue, bright red (cadmium or permenant), paynes grey (neutral tint)

poppy1   poppy2   poppy3

Roughly sketch the composition, its a good idea to design your composition so that painting in the poppies will be easy, so draw the petals touching each other.

Wet the sky with clean water. Drop in raw sienna just above the horizon line and allow to dry. Wet the sky again with clean water drop in cobalt blue - if it runs into the flower shapes dap out with kitchen paper


Dry - Paint roughly wet-in-wet the foreground with blue+yellow and red around the petal shapes note the background is different colours in mid tones, add some darker greens for leaves.


  Paint in the flowers with cadmium or permenant red removing small areas to show the petals with kitchen paper


poppy final        
Add more darker in the background and foreground. Add the stalks and dark flower centres. Draw outwards from the centres with a black crayon or fine brush whilst paint is still wet