Choose colours: quinacridone pink, sap green, prussian blue, lemon yellow

atmo tree1   atmo tree2   atmo tree final
Roughly sketch the composition, paint clean water on the centres of the lilies drop in spots of lemon yellow and quin rose blend out to white. Dry  

Paint in the petals wet-in-wet with pink starting at the dark edge on washing out to very pale. Dry


  Continue adding a wet in wet wash of quin rose with darker sections towards the centre of the flower
waterlilies4   waterlilies5   waterlilies final
Start on the background painting carefully around the petals. Add the leaves painting them in different greens by adding yellows or pink to sap green. Paint reflections with sap green and pink mixture   Add in more water reflections adding darker shadows to the underside of leaves. Note: make sure your leaves are different sizes  

 I thought the finished painting needed more darks. If you want more texture you can 1.Use water soluble crayons with sand paper 2.use white gouache with a toothbrush