Choose colours: quinacridone pink, sap green, ultramarine blue, neutral tint (or paynes grey which has a little more blue)

the neutral tint will give a very strong dark colour

atmo tree1   atmo tree2   atmo tree final
Roughly sketch the composition, then spray or paint clean water on the whole paper EXCEPT the plum shapes. Paint on pale ultramarine on the top half of the paper and pale sap green on the botton allowing the paint to move around. While paper is still wet paint in some leaf shapes in the top and bottom adding some more ultra to the green. It will look very dark but will dry 30% lighter. You can drop in more colour while the paper is wet, BUT once it starts to dry results can be unpredicatable.  


Paint in the plums wet-in-wet with a mixture of pink and ultra generally keeping the darker colours to the shadow side of the fruit



Add in the foliage with either dry brush or wet-in-wet. Notice all the leaves are different shapes, different colours and at different angles. Notice aslo that the colours are darker at the bottom left.

Paint in a few branches, the pink and sap green make a wonderful brown add lighter and darker areas where the shadows fall

sloping tree final   plum final    
 Add more darks to the fruit leaving light irregular areas - this is the bloom    Finish by adding shadows to the leaves. Don't over think where they go! Remove some paint from the plums to give more texture, ultramarine blue is an excellent colour to remove