Recommended minimum beginner package


300gms watercolour fine grain or rough pad, (23 x 31cm or A4). Good paper is the most important item


Palette - plastic

Best ones have small places to put paint and larger separate spaces for mixing. Or you can even use plastic egg boxes!

Paint - I recommend tubes.

It is not necessary to have loads of colours to start painting. I don't recommend getting a box set there will be colours you may never use. this is a basic beginners package:

  1. Raw sienna or yellow ochre
  2. Burnt sienna
  3. Lemon or Aureolin yellow
  4. Ultramarine Blue or Cobalt Blue
  5. Cerulean Blue or Prussian Blue
  6. Alizarin or Madder lake deep
  7. Cadmium or permenant red (a bright orange red)
  8. Quinacrinone rose (nice if you are painting flowers)
  9. Sap green
  10. Paynes gray or neutral tint

Brushes - Start with these 3

One large #14 or 16. Test the point in the shop, it should go into a fine point. I recommend Jaxhair synthetic don't buy expensive brushes to start with. Good art shops usually have water available

Small brush - riggers are excellent again test the point.

A flat brush is useful - 1 cm



A board you can tape your paper to with masking tape (be careful when removing the tape)

  • Pencils 2B or softer for drawing
  • Coloured water soluble crayons for drawing
  • Kneedable eraser

Nice to have

  1. A case to protect your brushes- I use a place mat rolled up
  2. Sponge
  3. Food wrap (cling film)