The colour chemistry for my palette

Sometimes I find that it's really useful to know how colours will behave on the paper. Whether they are easy to remove (non-staining) or whether they will give great granulating effect. Whether they are transparent so that the underlying colour shows through or opaque so that you can cover any small mistakes. Also it's handy to have the exact number of the colour as different manufacturers don't use the same colour ranges.

Name number  


Ultramarine blue PB29   T   G
Prussian blue



Cerulean blue

PB15/PW6   O   G
Permanent Lemon/ Bismuth


  O   ST
Raw Sienna PY42   T    

Yellow Ochre

PY42   O    

Permanent red/Winsor red

PR254/PV19   semi T   ST
Madder lake deep/scarlet lake..... PR264/PV19   semi O   ST
Burnt sienna PR101/PBK11   T    

Paynes grey

PBk6/PV19   semi O   ST
Vandyke brown PBk6/PR101   semi T   ST